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Preferred Dental Care recognizes that many people do not have positive associations with the idea of “going to the dentist”. Our primary purpose is to reverse the negative stereotypes associated with dentistry. We achieve this goal by combining the highest levels of customer service and utilizing the latest technologies available to make dental care more comfortable and minimize your number of visits.


Preferred Dental Care is Beaverton’s first truly “Minimally-Invasive” dental practice. We use technologies that help to diagnose the cause of problems, rather than just treating the symptoms of problems. It is our firm belief that a better quality of life is obtained by reducing your risk for diseases rather than just treating the symptoms of a disease. For more information on the types of treatment we provide, see General Dentistry and Cosmetic Dentistry.


We believe that when you are educated about your oral health issues, you will pick the best treatment options for yourself. That is why at Preferred Dental Care Center you will always be treated by the best staff in the industry who have your goals in mind. We will consistently provide for you the best quality treatment available using the best materials. You deserve nothing less! The only way to truly appreciate what we mean is to experience it for yourself.

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