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TMD and your Diet

Posted on 4/20/2015 by Nic Grasvik

A dieting woman suffering from TMD.When you suffer from TMD (Temporomandibular Disorder) everything can seem painful. Chewing, talking and even just sitting idle can leave you in excruciating pain. In addition to simple pain relief methods at home, you can monitor your diet in order to avoid foods that would otherwise aggravate this condition.

Foods to Avoid Triggering TMD

Any food that requires excessive amounts of chewing should be avoided for a few weeks to see if the pain subsides.

This includes tough meats, crunchy vegetables and foods like caramel apples or even regular apples that are not cut into bite size pieces. Any food that requires your jaw to open and close frequently or excessively wide can aggravate your condition.

TMD Friendly Foods to Eat

For a few weeks at least, try to focus your diet on foods that are soft, requiring minimal chewing; this will help give your jaw time to rest and recover while still providing you with the nutrients you need. A few examples of food to try include:

• Yogurt
• Soft cheese
• Mashed potatoes
• Soup
• Smoothies
• Cooked vegetables
• Soft fruits

These foods require less chewing and will be friendlier to your painful jaw. The more you can sip your foods or consume foods that can basically be swallowed, like mashed potatoes, the more your jaw can rest. Sometimes a period of rest combined with ice/heat therapy is enough to bring the inflammation down allowing you to live in comfort, including at night when TMD can flare up making it difficult to sleep.

Please contact us if you are experiencing TMD and want to find more information about it.


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