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Four Brushing Habits You Need to Drop from Your Oral Hygiene Routine

Posted on 5/10/2016 by Nic Grasvik
A man about to brush his teeth; while opening his mouth far to wide.You've been brushing your teeth since you were a kid, and your teeth are in pretty good shape. That must make you an expert at brushing, right?

Actually, there are a lot of bad habits out there when it comes to brushing the teeth, and by avoiding them, you'll enjoy a healthier mouth and smile.

Letting the Water Run
Allowing the water to run while you brush your teeth is extremely wasteful, and it could be contributing to higher monthly bills for your household. Having the water running on high to wet your brush can also cause the toothpaste to run off, so instead, turn off the water after the first time that you rinse. You could save several gallons of water each day and even more once you convince your family to do the same thing.

Keeping Your Toothbrush on the Counter

Think of all the germs that are probably in your bathroom. Keeping your toothbrush out on the counter will expose it to all of those things that will then go into your mouth. If this doesn't sound appealing, consider pacing your toothbrush somewhere else.

Rinsing When Finished
Do you like to rinse out your mouth when you're done brushing? Many people do, but this can actually defeat the purpose of the fluoride that is in your brush, as fluoride needs to stay on the teeth in order to do the job it is there for. Instead, spit out any toothpaste residue and avoid rinsing, or rinse out your mouth with a fluoridated mouth wash.

Brushing with Your Mouth Wide Open

If you open your mouth up wide, it is easier to brush your teeth too aggressively, causing damage to the gum tissue and enamel. Instead, try to keep your mouth closed. Not only will you brush less aggressively, but you'll gag less and will have an easier time reaching the back of your mouth.

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